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Note: You only need to create the goals in the Matomo interface, tracking goals does not require code changes in your App tracking source code.

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Goal reports will show the conversions, conversion rate and revenue per visit for each Country, Custom Variable, etc. You can also easily visualize how popular a specific part of your app is over time by analyzing the evolution graphs at the top of the Goal report. Our official Matomo Mobile application offers an opt-in feature to let users send us anonymously their clicks and usage data. Users can enable and disable the opt-in usage tracking mechanism at any time.

When the users are not opt-in which is the default no data is sent to the Matomo server at all. The Visitor Log will let you easily visualize the full set of actions for each visitor on your website.

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It can even be used for troubleshooting a particular user of your app or software. In this section we will describe at a high level how to implement the source code changes required to make Tracking your app possible. Note: If you want to use Matomo to track a mobile web app running in a web browser, you would probably want to use Javascript Tracking. If you use another programming language python, ruby, etc. Other areas of your code Window manager, Click manager, etc. Creating such a class is just a suggestion there might be better ways to do it in your environment.

To make sure that all requests from a given user are sent to the right visitor in Matomo, it is highly recommended to set a unique ID to the user using your app. In our Mobile App, we create an anonymous unique user id for each user. Here is an example of an ID generation in Javascript:. In this post we have explained how Matomo can be used to track Mobile App user interactions or desktop software usage. We have highlighted a few examples of useful usage statistics using the example of our own mobile application usage data.

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And if analytics is not considered and planned for early in the app development process, it can later be difficult or even impossible to capture the data you need to make informed business decisions. In contrast, a mobile app does not possess this automatic level of detail and granularity. You can manage all your tags, triggers, and variables through the GTM web interface, pass information via the data layer, and dynamically deploy updates to the container.

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Because of this flexibility, GTM should be the preferred method of implementing GA tracking in your app. Data will start flowing only when updated app is installed by the users. All interactions will need to be pushed into the data layer from the app. Or please suggest if there is any cordova plugin that serves the purpose. Take a look at the above resources and let us know if you require further guidance for your particular situation.

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Well, I have already gone through the first link you have posted, it has native activity associated with it. Also, I had a look at the Cordova Plugin.

Please recommend which one to be used now — cordova-plugin-tag-manager or angulartics-gtm-cordova. I have yet an another query, though it is not relevant to the current subject.

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Any thoughts on this, please. Much appreciated!! Thanks a lot in advance for your help and guidance. I shall definitely come back to you if i come across any problems while i work on it. For an AngularJS app, I think you would need to use Angulartics with the plugin angulartics-gtm-cordova.

You would need to send decrypted values to GA if you want to see these in your GA reports. Please note that the userId field in GA does not show up as a dimension in any reports. Wonderful explanation, Marc! Really appreciate you for taking out time and advising me accurately. I have gone through your article and landed up here for your assistance, again. Sorry for that. Secondly, where should I place this code or how should i handle this?

Not sure where I am going wrong! Any help on this please? When you use the data layer method with GTM, you do not have to add GA tracking code directly to the page. If you are still unable to get this working as desired, there may be something particular to your implementation that is causing an issue. Troubleshooting specific implementation issues is difficult to do in the comments.

If you would like further assistance, we would be happy to set up a consulting appointment.

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Very insightful and thorough. Really helped the entire team to better understand the nooks and crannies of the system and how to leverage the data to make more meaningful decisions. Would highly recommend! Want to use Google Analytics GA to help make better decisions? Improve results?