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Fleet & Mobile Worker Management. Verizon Connect combines telematics technologies and our wireless network to help businesses better manage their.
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Now users can get rid of the supercookie, but they'll have to be proactive and follow a few simple steps. First, you should know that the supercookie is enabled by default.


Tagg Pet Tracker hooks Fluffy up to Verizon

Unless you have already disabled it, it is still active on your phone, gathering your online habits and transmitting them back to Verizon in order to give advertisers a better profile of you. If such practices don't bother you, there's no need to deactivate the supercookie; indeed, you may get a relevant ad or two the next time you browse the Web on your phone.

Otherwise, you have three options for getting the supercookie off your system: Using the Verizon website, using the My Verizon app on your phone or calling Verizon directly.

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Go to the Verizon Wireless website. You will need both a mobile number and a password.

GPS Tracking from Verizon

If this is your first time logging in, you'll have to register. Just click the Register link, and the website will walk you through the process.

The devices that make GPS tracking possible

You're done! You may see a screen explaining what Relevant Mobile Advertising is.

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  6. If so, click Continue and "Do not show this again" if you don't want to see it again. For those who prefer old-school measures, you can also call Verizon at and follow the pre-recorded instructions.

    What different GPS tracking devices are available?

    Marshall Honorof is a senior writer for Tom's Guide. Well this could definitely happen.

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    Although the location data are obtained from the handset via API, with or without GPS turned on will make a huge difference. If GPS is on, apps on the very same phone should have more or less the same location provided that kids stand still. When GPS is off, the location given by different apps could vary wildly. For example, Apple has its own location service and they could be improving it from time to time.

    The location services that you pay extra for is not accurate.

    Verizon cell phone tracking service family locator

    I have yet to see it place their location accurately in the past month or so since upgrading to this service. I personally think you should install and pair the companion app, it gives way more precise locations, not to mention other important features come with the app. My daughter has a smart watch and I pair my app with it, I have done a few tests and find out that in most cases her watch give me very accurate locations. All Rights Reserved.